Beachside Cottage by Pattersons

Superb beachside cottage located in Annandale, Australia, designed in 2013 by Pattersons.








Description by Pattersons

The Honeymoon Home, Whitehead Bay, Annandale, Banks Peninsula

A small beachside cottage was designed to align with a double rock arch referred to as “The Comb”. Sadly throughout development the Comb collapsed right into a easy rock spire by the February 2011 earthquake.

Fortunately the development was undamaged.

The cottage is now completed. It units right into a rock escarpment in a tiny boulder strewn South Pacific Cove and is constructed largely from rock quarried close to its website with insitu poured concrete flooring, ceilings and precast underneath an earth turfed roof. The construction is built-in into the escarpment above to guard occupants from falling debri. An interlocking geometry responding to each close to and much views is lined with horizontal Macrocarpa. This varieties built-in joinery, wall and ceiling panels behind double glaze low e glass in storm and shatter proof metal mullions. These use earthquake resistant sliding heads. The venture included an in depth reforestation and re vegetation sub challenge. It’s a shelter designed as a honeymoon retreat for paying visitors and the house owners household and consists foyer, dwelling/sleeping and a toilet. It’s a romantic hideaway, accessible solely by farm monitor or helicopter as an all climate expertise the place couples might be intimate with themselves and with nature within the roar of the ocean, oblivious of calls for from the surface trendy world.

Images by Simon Devitt

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