Botucatu House by FGMF Arquitetos

Modern single household residence designed by FGMF Arquitetos, located in Botucatu, Brazil.













Description by FGMF Arquitetos

This residence, destined for a younger couple, seeks to discover the relation between inner and exterior by means of a collection of middleman areas. These areas materialize a debate about the place does the terrace, leisure space and tradicional areas as front room or residence theater begin, in addition to the place are their limits.

The indoors is organized in numerous sections underneath a large uncovered concrete roofing in reference to the fashionable structure from São Paulo, specifically in regards to the work of Vilanova Artigas. Every part is roofed with totally different coating so to emphasise setorization, additionally enhancing speedy aprehension of their totally different features. The terrace space that surrounds each ambient has easy peak right here and double peak there, relying on the place is the customer situated and comparatively to the totally different inner quantity. It’s on this wealthy transition area that the inhabitans are anticipated to spend their time, in communion with the constructed area and the encompassing landscaping. Metallic footbridges join the residence to compensation slopes, which function partitions, revealing an higher backyard for the acquainted profit whereas making a gazebo on the important entrance to the home.

The positioning of the roofing was photo voltaic oriented. So that it’ll shade the complete home in summer time and create a beneficiant terrace linked to the pool and leisure space. In the meantime, in winter, the decrease daylight -because it passess under the roof- will “heat up” the portion occupied by the residence.

The venture got here up from a easy idea: an “umbrella” roofing and construction sheltering dinstinct sectors of the home whereas a fluid inner/exterior area is created. This quite simple idea introduced up fascinating aesthetic and spatial complexities because the venture was being developed, enhancing this intention to create new areas and so reinventing the tradicional Brazilian terraces.

Images by Rafaela Netto

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