Casa Eulàlia by Cavaa

Artistic condo located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Cavaa.











Description by Cavaa

These Vilanova dwellings with load-bearing partitions construction have been initially outlined as a disorganized home with out hierarchies of areas, the place the stays on the middle of the home have been “punished” for its hall, inflicting that the rooms have been simply open to the communal staircase and to a small inside courtyard.

Our proposal strikes the motion within the middle of the home, getting a “joint-area” that works as a studio, space for storing, laundry room and kitchen. The brand new areas group allowed us to find the bedrooms on the north aspect and the dwelling trying to the south. We labored opening visuals, linking the 2 reverse elements, and ordering the areas for day and night time makes use of on each side of the outfitted coronary heart.

Thus preserving the unique construction, we’ve made new doorways, we dwindled circulation areas and opened the home to the nice and cozy mild of its south facade. Partitions modifications that we mixed with small incisions as the doorway little bench, which backs off the nook of a bed room and presents the consumer the balcony and the road overlooking, from the very first time that you simply entry the home.

Images by Nit Victorio

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