Iksan T House by KDDH Architects

Modern two-storey residence located in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, designed by KDDH Architects.















Description by KDDH Architects

Iksan T Home is a ‘T’ formed home in back and front elevation. The home is constructed in mild weight wooden buildings in ‘T’ formed façade with floating higher mass. Setting up this sort of construction with mild weight wooden construction was attainable with 30cm diameter glulam. They have been capable of assemble floating higher mass with giant exterior area on the bottom degree by means of glulam with larger vertical power examine to concrete. Two tales of inside area is split into public area on the first flooring and personal area on 2nd flooring and the consumer can really feel the massive area on the primary flooring. Once they open the door, they will expertise expanded area immediately related to the outside.

A lot of the format of areas mirrored youngsters and fogeys’ wishes. By laying out the first flooring parallel to the adjoining park which permits the move of the park continues by means of the home, the customers can expertise the park as whether it is their entrance yard and youngsters can romp round freely. The 1.fifth flooring, constructed in Skip Flooring construction, is an area the place 1st and 2nd flooring overlaps and this area is designed for youngsters’s play space to permit mother and father to observe youngsters from public area on the first flooring and in addition anyplace on the 2nd flooring.

Youngsters’s room, rest room, main bedroom, and workroom is situated on the 2nd flooring. Work room is stretched towards the park and permit the mother and father to see the youngsters enjoying outdoors whereas they’re working. The mother and father’ want of contemplating youngsters’s play space as an important component of the home is immediately mirrored to the home and in consequence, all the home format is designed with the youngsters as a core aspect and thus created fascinating inside and exterior areas.

Images by Park Younger-chae and Choi Jihyun

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