Kipling Residence by C O N T E N T Architecture

Modern two-storey residence located in Houston, Texas, designed by C O N T E N T Structure.










Description by C O N T E N T Structure

The Kipling home is a brand new addition to the Montrose neighborhood. Designed for a household of 5, it permits for beneficiant open household zones oriented to giant glass partitions dealing with the road and courtyard pool. The courtyard additionally creates a buffer between the main bedroom and the youngsters’s play and bed room zones. The main bedroom echoes the primary flooring connection to the outside, with giant glass partitions dealing with balconies to the courtyard and road. Fastened wooden screens present privateness on the primary flooring whereas a big sliding second flooring panel permits the road balcony to change privateness management with the research. Materials modifications on the outside articulate the zones of the home and negotiate structural masses.

Images by Peter Molick

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