offSET Shed House by Irving Smith Jack Architects

Modern weekend residence designed by Irving Smith Jack Architects, situated in Gisborne, New Zealand.










Description by Irving Smith Jack Architects

From a context of accrued easy shed-esk dwellings in an remoted and south dealing with New Zealand coastal surf group, a technique of sequencing constructing ‘units’ (aka surf) was generated to scale new type to its surrounds. New ‘shed’ units are then offset to permit seasonal dwelling, circulation, and privateness choices and for variations in wind and solar publicity.

Summer time opens and invitations in group; with diagonal motion connecting offset and shaded exterior areas. Right here dwelling holds minimal inside use, with summer time circulation defining casual home boundaries, and the management of sand. Circulation then internalises for winter shut down, with excessive degree northern openings capturing valuable northern mild and heat, and offset varieties offering shelter to the southern publicity.

The ‘shed’ typology follows New Zealand architectural vernacular accruing from rural and remoted beginnings, and the straightforward, self erected, elemental buildings nonetheless obvious inside these distant provincial communities. Inside this new set of ‘sheds’, timber pergolas and ceilings collate pathways inside easy metallic and plasterboard linings to effectively outline offset areas and welcome an eclectic assortment of furnishings, the coastal group, and surf.

Images by Patrick Reynolds and Irving Smith Jack Architects

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