Parihoa House by Pattersons

Trendy personal residence designed in 2009 by Pattersons, situated in Muriwai, New Zealand.












Description by Pattersons

The traditional architype of The Fort as an Outpost or Fort is never articulated within the trendy world. This New Zealand farmhouse venture explores this typology by being each commanding and defensive in a single type.

There isn’t a modification to the panorama aside from the sentry of the shape itself. Wind and sea spray thunders up from the ocean some 60 metres under and the shape wraps round to guard a circulation courtyard from the rugged and harsh coastal setting. The ensuing construction defends that very same setting.

A easy technique of formal juxtapositions resembling converging and increasing partitions create different spatial experiences all through the shape. An entry foyer is guarded by a portcullis to maintain the sheep out and sections of the perimeter wall additionally pivot open unexpectedly.

The house is organized as a collection of areas linked by means of the circulation courtyard and secret doorways, discovering varieties and shapes seemingly arbitrarily positioned, but suggesting a historical past; a way of transcended time. Lengthy views throughout the protected courtyard finish on the all persuasive horizon, shifting towards the sides of the construction, the ocean and sky open up above and under, till the view’s full breadth is revealed.

Images by Simon Devitt

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