River House by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Lovely modern residence designed by Suyama Peterson Deguchi, located in america.












Description by Suyama Peterson Deguchi

River Home is a serene shelter embracing the pure great thing about the rugged mountain space. The complicated program for a retired couple included a visitor wing and prolonged outside dwelling areas. The location is situated inside an older cul-de-sac improvement above a meandering river and the problem was to construct a personal oasis on this dense setting with a connection to the river and the encompassing scenic mountains.

An elongated concrete wall on the north aspect offers a structural spine for the composition. All program parts have been situated on or under grade and underneath a sheltering shed roof to reinforce the sense of safety on this typically harsh setting. Concrete was chosen because the dominant materials for its sturdiness and since it aesthetically anchors the design to the location. Whereas visually extending the inside areas and creating outside rooms, the uncooked materiality of the concrete units up a compositional base for the remaining wooden, glass, metallic and plaster finishes.

When approached from the road, the home could be very understated and minimal. Upon getting into the home via the conceptual entrance door (gate), one finds a wealthy sequence of areas, bounded by concrete and plantings. Right here, the division between inside and out of doors first turns into blurred. This sense of uncertainty extends by means of the airlock entry to the inside of the primary area. The synergy of the panorama structure, artwork and furnishings contribute to the serene sense of place.

Images by Aaron Letiz

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