Solar da Serra by 3.4 Arquitetura

Minimalist single household residence designed by three.four Arquitetura, located in Brasilia, Brazil.













Description by three.four Arquitetura

The location is situated in a residential condominium within the outskirts of Brasilia, the place residents search tranquility and higher contact with nature, averse to the city context of the town middle.

Two tips have been necessary to the venture: the steep declivity of the terrain, and its location inside a pure preservation space, with specular views to the mountainous panorama that surrounds it.

The compact residential design was materialised as a concrete prism which was oriented to offer uninterrupted views of the panorama. Furthermore, its implementation contemplated to respect the pure terrain, the place the quantity of the home merely rests, preserving its unique slope.

The programme is minimal – a residence for a single resident, with a easy and modulated plan developed into solely dimensioned areas: front room and built-in kitchen, workplace, bed room, toilet and an​unbiased laundry space. All areas open to the horizon, offering continuity between the inside and exterior, and a dynamic spatial notion all through the day.

The undertaking sought consistency between its materiality and construction. The quantity, a self-supporting construction, was executed completely in strengthened concrete. Throughout its development, particular care was taken to realize the homogeneous texture of the fabric, which remained obvious.

Sliding door frames present incidence of pure mild and cross air flow, which favours the cooling of concrete – a cloth that naturally tends to soak up and retain warmth. One other function to take care of the thermal consolation inside the home was the implementation of a layer of vegetation that forestalls the direct incidence of daylight on the concrete slab, and which additionally supplies a system for assortment and reuse of rainwater.

Images by Joana França

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