Cavernous Cool Interior

With a neighboring pine tree forest, this home had to embrace a little wood tone within its walls, but on this occasion we don’t find the yellow tones of highstreet pine pieces, but more of a rich walnut hue spanning huge areas of wall paneling, along with matching tables of different sizes. With an overall area of 440 square meter (4736 square feet), this smart but simple interior, designed by Alexey Obrazcov, embraces an open plan living, dining and cooking area where the dwellers and their guests can wander freely between the zones.

Cavernous Cool Interior 1

The view from one end to the other of the huge living area is completely unobstructed, making the home appear cavernous and perhaps a little cold-though a big splash of color chases the chills away in the form of funky wall art above a dining sideboard.

Cavernous Cool Interior 2

Six tubular glass pendant lights illuminate an eight seat dining table, a perfect place for a feast with friends.

Cavernous Cool Interior 3

Over at the kitchen island a few stools are spaced wide apart along the lengthy counter-having a pot of tea could be a lonely affair!

Cavernous Cool Interior 4

The entertainment wall is huge, providing a great opportunity for a cinematic flat screen TV, as well as ample storage for audio visual equipment, DVD collection, consoles and games library.

Cavernous Cool Interior 5

The sideboards and shelves appear to extrude from the walls.

Cavernous Cool Interior 6

Black kitchen units tie-in with the other black accents in the room, found in the dining chairs, bar stools and statement cabinets.

Cavernous Cool Interior 7

In the bedroom a lengthy headboard spans one wall, topped by a monochromatic panoramic print.

Cavernous Cool Interior 8

A second bedroom enjoys its own entertainment wall, mounted on the side of an en suite shower cubicle.

Cavernous Cool Interior 9

On the back of the central shower cube, twin basins are mounted on a floating vanity unit beneath bright strip lighting.

Cavernous Cool Interior 10

A modern rocking chair provides a cozy place to enjoy the warmth from the fire, along with a glass of wine.

Cavernous Cool Interior 11

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