Home by the Sea

Perched on the cliff top peninsula between Milford and Castor Bay, on the North island of New Zealand, is the stylish Casa Del Mar, ’The Home by the Sea’. With 180 degrees of stunning views, this modern home has a positively enviable location that resides in utter peace, away from the hubbub of the busy city that decorates part of the panorama. Within the grounds of the house itself, which was designed by architect Richard Priest, a gorgeous infinity pool is surrounded by extensive sun patios, and bridged by an elegant glass walled stairwell that joins the two sides of the building.

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A large outdoor living area, complete with three long sofas, adorns the poolside patio to allow the glorious weather to be enjoyed in absolute comfort.

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As well as a beautiful location, the 1,000 square meter floor plan of the home gives the owner an immense area for living, though the interior has been designed in such a way that the building still feels like a family home rather than appearing cavernous and cold.

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The home benefits from ultimate privacy and security within a three quarter acre site.

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The very grand master bedroom suite includes its own living room with fireplace, loungers under a starry ceiling, and a luxurious bathroom complete with twin vanity and a freestanding bathtub that gazes out over the view via interior and exterior sliding glass doors.

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The tiled hallways are wide and airy, and lit by LED lighting along the border underfoot.

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Thanks to the large proportions of the property-and an extensive home bar-this is a great place for entertaining on any scale. With two wings available, separating off guest rooms to welcome family members that are planning on a longer stay would be a breeze too.

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Rangitoto Island forms the dreamy centerpiece of a sweeping view.

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Images Via Sotheby’s

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