Small Apartments

A couple of these small apartments rooms might measure up a little more generously than the humble proportions of some city dwellings, but on the whole this collection of modest apartment spaces is filled with nuggets of inspiration on how to dec out a dinkier than average space with great panache.

Small Apartments 1

Our first two apartments, visualized by Ipnosy Studio, use small shots of vibrant color against a completely neutral backdrop to excite the eye within small surroundings.

Small Apartments 2

Using a round dining table allows ease of movement around the eating area when not in use-and avoids bumped hips on sharp table corners in cramped quarters!

Small Apartments 3

A quirky arrangement of wall cabinets makes the kitchen area appear larger than it’s actual proportions, as the added interest drags the eye up and around the room.

Small Apartments 4

LED strip lights create a cool glow around the perimeter.

Small Apartments 5

Small Apartments 6

Mesh backs help the dining chairs to blend in with the surroundings, allowing the visual to flow through rather than blocking it.

Small Apartments 7

Small Apartments 8

This next apartment uses mesh light shades, these take on a floating effect when clustered in varying sizes, and appear delicately light even when extra large.

Small Apartments 9

Additional attractive downlighting around the perimeter bathes the walls and wall art with soft illumination. An L-shaped sofa follows the wall around, providing ample seating for a modest room.

Small Apartments 10

Furniture against the entertainment wall is kept slimline so as not to encroach upon the floor area.

Small Apartments 11

A bank of tall white kitchen units fade away into the wall.

Small Apartments 12

Small Apartments 13

Small Apartments 14

The following apartment, designed by Tero Design, keeps things in the neutral zone too, but this time the pace is picked up by use of scattered pattern. Upholstered stools, rug, and paintings all demand their moment of attention as you walk through each space in this home, as well as this beautiful banquette seating that allows extra diners to be seated in a limited corner of the kitchen.

Small Apartments 15

The kitchen units are kept light to prevent the room from feeling too cramped.

Small Apartments 16

Mirrored doors give an extra feeling of light an space in any room.

Small Apartments 17

A cluster of clear orb lights provide a sparkling but subtle statement over the dining table.

Small Apartments 18

Small Apartments 19

Small Apartments 20

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