Art And Accessories !!!

Accessories is one way to add personality to your home. Decorative pieces you choose at the final stage of your plan completes the whole theme of your decor plan and that is the reflection of home owner’s true personality and give the touch of individuality as unique as your own.

Art And Accessories !!! 1

Pics via; nfinteriordesign Basically decorative objects falls in to two categories like art and accessories. Art can be in so many categories depending on each and everyone’s taste and likings. Arts can be paintings, framed prints, photos, sculptures and even textiles. Accessories tend to be small objects that are introduced in to a room for either practical reasons or for aesthetic pleasure.

Art And Accessories !!! 2

Pic via; interiorgallerydesign Art and accessories shouldn’t always be treated as an after thought in the design scheme. A large piece of art can influence your room’s decor, as may collections and it is always better to consider these elements when you start designing the room. Accessories may play a back ground role, however depend on the styling and designing it can be worked in during the last stage of the design process too.

Art And Accessories !!! 3

Pic via; tinasindahl Historically, every inch of wall space was filled with art creating visual chaos, but today it has changed dramatically and art is shown to its greatest effect in uncluttered surroundings. A large modern painting has more impact if left alone on a wall, for instance. And also small or medium or drawings are more impressive when placed together on a wall. We cannot ignore the sculptures too which falls on to art which adds visual impact artistically.

Art And Accessories !!! 4

Pic via; home inspirations We shouldn’t overlook the beauty and versatility of textiles when choosing your decorating accessories. Different kind of materials can stand alone on a wall adding texture and color to the room. Textiles can be mounted on a wall in different ways and bring some drama to the wall.

Art And Accessories !!! 5

Pic via; interiorgallerydesign Accessories always a way to add personality to your design plan or home. A large chinese room divider adds dramatic element to any corner of a room while it is working practically for a reason.

Art And Accessories !!! 6

Pic via; pambaboma Again with decorative accessories there s no right or wrong in the pieces you choose. We can always use our favorite found objects, collectibles, and various tabletop items such as candlesticks, vases and small ornamental pieces. Depending on space, place or room these decorative pieces can be differentiate to add beauty to the space.

Art And Accessories !!! 7

Pic via; thelennoxx A table top collection may be one of the most personal displays in a home. The books and small items are things for the home owner and guests to enjoy. And also along with this a touch of fresh flowers or natural plants can bring color and sometime pleasing scents to a room.

Art And Accessories !!! 8

Pic via; thelennoxx

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