“Casa Bella” Design Studio

In life, almost everyone sooner or later there comes a time when he really thinks about the “improvement of living conditions”: repair your apartment, house, building a new one. And for most people decide on this step is extremely difficult: so many things need to provide to think of ways to find experienced builders to purchase the right amount of building materials, to pay for all or much and not enough, and as much as it is on Indeed, even all sure that this would not fool anyone, whatever terms have been complied with, that would be consistent with the stipulated quality. And often, the initial desire, for whom all this began, at last to live in a beautiful and comfortable home, somewhere in the middle of construction or repair, will give way to other, more severe, “Hurry it all over! Style? Individuality ? unique? It does not matter. Main quickly and reliably “.And, unfortunately, after spending a considerable amount of money, time, health and nerves, it is impossible to build exactly the house, which he dreamed. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided. Trusting your dreams and wishes designer’s studio “Casa Bella“, you can stop all pending issues related to the repair and construction. Given the laws of ergonomics, lifestyle and preferences of all family members, we can offer you a plan for your future home, where it is you will be comfortable and convenient. After a bachelor kitchen and kitchen housewives are two fundamentally different spaces required is a different approach to the organization. Someone who likes to watch TV in the living room, and someone needs it in the bedroom and even the bathroom, and this requires initially lay the necessary electrical wiring. As in a children’s room to divide the space for two children of different ages?Allocate to each area to sleep, play and learn? Why high and low people should use a sink mounted on a kind of average height, while for everyone, and medium and high, has a more comfortable height?

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