Console Table Decor

Earlier post we were just talking about console table designs and where we can use these tables, leaving so much suspense throughout, without telling how to start with the decorating. As we explained console tables can be placed in the entryway, may be near the dinning or else in a small passage. Console tables are just chic and lean. What do you think, should they just hold house hold items or only decorative pieces? If one of these or both how you can arrange these and mostly how to select a proper console table. I know you are in a dilemma to choose the thing and the way out. Here are some suggestions and ideas and hope it will help you out!

Console Table Decor 1

 : mdesignla  It is always appropriate to choose a console table which will go along with your other furniture. If your theme is contemporary and your choice was a vintage looking table, it will look like out of the world and sober. Its always sleek and minimalistic style will go with modern living rooms. If it is for an entryway, use an elegant looking console, which will get nowadays in form of glass, metals or sleek shinny wood to match with the surrounding and to give the visitor the best impression of the owner’s taste of style.

Console Table Decor 2

via: elizabethkimberlydesign  I know your next question will be how to arrange and what can you use on it. You can always personalized it in a way with your favorite decor pieces but always make sure to avoid cluttering up the table with odds and ends. Try to select items belong to one theme and group them, then arrange it symmetrically.

Console Table Decor 3

; mdesignla Adding up a mirror above a console gives the place a shimmery look and enhance the appearance of speciousness. If not a mirror can use a piece of art work and hang low on the wall above the console which will anchor your console, and sure it will be a good starting point at the entrance.

Console Table Decor 4

; decorpad Try to make a vignette using pair of lamps, vases or balance two art works. Adding up lamps give the space extra light while making it look fabulous. Also a stack of books make wonders in decoding a console. Along with the style we need to make the space more functional as well. By placing a tray to hold up daily keys, phones and mails we can make it more functional and clutter free without sacrificing the style. Depending the style of the console if there is extra space underneath you can add up ottomans, some wicker baskets etc.,as extra seating and more storage facility.

Console Table Decor 5

; House beautiful Last but not least if you have extra seating in your dinning table you can place these beside the console table again to add an extra seating to the space while making it pleasing visually.

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