Contemporary Bookcase Designs

Do you love reading books? Are you in search of an exceptional bookcase? Then here are such bookcases that will make you think of having one…

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 1

: Al 2698 1. AL 26.98 This is a stunning bookshelf will a look of a tree rising from ground. Its trunk is made up of aluminium.It is named a ‘Fagus’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 2

: Joel Escalona 2. Joel Escalona This amazing bookshelf takes its inspiration from the helix structure of a DNA.It is a free standing bookcase with a variety of colours available for your choice.It is named as ‘MYDNA’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 3

: Solovyov Design 3. Solovyov Design This is a bookshelf with a lot of fun thing. It is available in different parts that be arranged to make the shape of your choice. This is called as ‘Pinta’.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 4

: Faktura Design 4. FAKTURA This bookcase named as V is a chic up-to-date bookcase. It will be a gorgeous addition to your house with its angled design. Its cost is $1,400.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 5

: Horm 5. HORM This modular bookshelf is known as ‘Sinapsi’. It takes its inspiration from the impulses generated by brain cells. Wow! now this is a scientific way of getting inspired.

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 6

: Olivier-Dolle 6. Olivier Dolle This stupendous bookshelf is a tree branch extended over a wall and is for sure going to be a bash. It is available in three shades of wood which are Oak colourless, American walnut and Black stained. Are you thinking to grab a branch?

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 7

: Nonah 7. NONAH This bookcase known as ‘Salamandre’ is going to be adored by your kids. This vibrant bookcase is available in 7, 5 and 3 modules variety. A 7 module bookcase will cost you 895,00€

Contemporary Bookcase Designs 8

: Bihain 8. Michael Bihain This bookshelf is a true jaw dropper. It is truly knowledge mounted on a wheel. It is available in different brilliant colours.

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