Decor your bookcase in style!

Decor your bookcase in style! 1 I was in a mood to experiment a new design before I try it on my client’s office space, but to realize even my small office was craving for a new look for sometime. I thought it is the book case I need to revamp to have a better and fresh look in the room. First I thought I should try shifting & moving few furniture from one place to another for a total new perspective. My objective was successful for some extend..but not completely. It was the main object, the bookcase! I started re-arranging & adding new bits & pieces to the book case, suddenly it clicked my mind why I can’t write some ideas & small clues, how to arrange a bookcase to give a unique look as the ways of arranging and decorating bookcases are enormous. Here we go..have gathered some ideas and I hope it will be your next turn to arrange your bookcase in a dramatic style.

Decor your bookcase in style! 2

To create a most dramatic impact it is better to arrange and group alike books, objects & accessories together without spreading around. And again may be depend on different heights of the books / pieces can arrange to have a visual interest.

Decor your bookcase in style! 3 A bookcase is one kind of a personalized element which plays different roles, sometimes as a decorative piece, display unit to show off all the personal picture frames, our kind of favorite decor accessory or as a storage place. Arranging with frames, sophisticated sculptures & accessories, according to the space will reflect the simplicity of the same.

Decor your bookcase in style! 4 Another way to have more storage is use wicker baskets which adds texture & visual weight to the place while fulfilling the advantage of using it .

Decor your bookcase in style! 5  Main purpose of having a bookcase is to keep all the books in order right? Then while keep them in reachable manner, we can make it colorful & can make a statement by arranging them in color group. We can use different colored paper or fabric to cover them up & streamlined accordingly.

Decor your bookcase in style! 6

You will be surprised at the end how an entirely new look can be achieved by following these few ideas!

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