Kids love playrooms!

Kids love playrooms! 1

Pic via; potterybarnkids Last week, my daughter came to me and her sudden wish was to have a Barbie Play House in her room for her birthday. I was wondering how I am going to fulfill her wish, as one way it was her birthday and other way, her room was already packed with many furniture and toys around. While on my knees, thinking how to make it happen, I realized how much comfort we give them with beds, cloths and making the room perfect, it is nothing for them but they love to live in their imaginary world, having all their magical toy friends around. We need to give them a space where they feel it is their own heaven and everything to them.

Kids love playrooms! 2

 Pic via; potterybarnkids All the parents may not be able to afford to make separate rooms to call it as a play room and kids bedroom. But we always can convert a room for dual purpose, a bedroom and a play room, if we plan and decorate the room accordingly.

Kids love playrooms! 3

Pic via; serenaandlily Anyway when we plan or decorate kids room, we always need to consider the empty floor space as it is a must to have for them to roam around the room, play with their toys and may be to spend their fun times with friends. If we give more importance to the space and less concentration to the bedroom furniture I think we can make it a place where they love to spend there time. If we can save space we can convert it to a play station easily. Certainly there should be plenty of seating for a play area, but sometimes kids just want to take to the floor to color or read or they love to spill their toys around on the ground and play too as they want to feel free in their own space.

Kids love playrooms! 4

Pic via; cerisedecor Most children cherish with these kind of play rooms always as it provides them a secure and safe feeling within four walls which has dedicated just for them. They like to have their place more comfortable and attractive but not complicated at all. Therefore, we should always consider their liking and also make everything simple and store toys where easily reachable according to their age groups. In all the play rooms, we can have a play area, reading corner and also a entertainment center where they can play games and watch their favorite fairy tales, but not to forget can plan these according to the available space only.

Kids love playrooms! 5

 Pic via; myremodelinghomes

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