Romance in pastel

Are you a fashionista? Are you changing the décor of your interior often enough following the newest trends? If it is so, then you are ready for a flowery, pastel, sleepy décor, that will fit perfectly to your summer clothes – that will hold happily your pearls, your ballerina shoes, you little fluffy purses… This king of décor includes lots of satin, silk, wallpapers, combination of new and old furniture, your mum’s old clock, re-painted cabinets…

Romance in pastel 1

Home makeover living room – Mellisah Baroque chair-feet are allowed, and braided baskets, and, if you look at the next picture, you can even allow yourself little luxury with the crystal chandelier and the unusual mirror-framed mirror.

Romance in pastel 2

Modern gray-purple living room – Mellisah So, the colors are: velvet, gray, green, turquoise, rose, white, etc. but all in pastel shades. Even too many colors are not too much – since they are soft, discreet, not intense. Your old grandma’s flowery carpet and the old mirror could look very modern nowadays, huh?

Romance in pastel 3

Modern-old-fashioned living room – Mellisah Make sure you have plenty of pillows, old vases, candles, in order to fill-up the romantic and dreamy look of the interior. Lots of picture frames, pastel paintings, and, of course, freshly picked flowers from the garden!

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