Stone your walls!

The real stone lovers understand that the stone does not give coldness and sharpness to the interior, but on the contrary, it brings warmth, especially when combined with wood and suitable lightning. For exteriors, for interiors, for a whole wall, at a part of a wall, for the pillars, or upon the fireplace, it all looks gracefully, and it gives style. It gives a spa look to your bathroom, it gives a mountain look to your living room, it gives a romantic look to your bedroom. It works for all occasions.

Stone your walls! 1

Fireplace design by The Stonewall Company It can give rustic, or very modern look to your interior, depends on the stone.

Stone your walls! 2

Contemporary home with stone wall by B&B Italia You can always use a camouflage of wallpapers as an imitation of stone, if you don’t want to put that much effort and cost into it. It is the best if you make just one wall with stone, as a decoration. Making the whole room with four-wall stone coverage, can make you feel like captured in your own castle.

Stone your walls! 3

Eco wall surface by The Eco Floor Store

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