Style Your Home With A DIY Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors are always playful and sculptural and I am very much passionate about them. Always making sure to add somewhere in any project as they remain so popular and due their ability to blend into just about any space. Whether it is a traditional design plan or modern or glamorous home plan, it fits the bill with it’s sophisticated, whimsical, contemporary and fun look. In any of the furniture outlets you pop in you can find variety of sunburst mirror designs where you feel lost which one to choose. But knowing you can find these easily, how about making it by yourself in a different unique way with less cost. Scroll down to check how you can DIY one of these while you get more satisfaction to see something on the wall end of the day with your hard work.

Style Your Home With A DIY Sunburst Mirror 1

Style Your Home With A DIY Sunburst Mirror 2

This is one of the easiest sunburst mirror you can create with no time with the use of 2 floral rings, 2 packs of wood shims and a round small mirror. First start by placing a layer of shims around the perimeter of the floral rings, and again with another layer, just filling in the gaps as you work around the circle. By keeping each layer about the same height you can have a fairly even surface to attach the mirror. If you prefer before fixing the mirror can do a quick water base poly acrylic coat to give it more finished look . After fixing up with wood fixing glue you can use this lovely sunburst mirror anywhere you like to give a whimsical look. By hisugarplum

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