Swedish winter saga

You don’t have to be afraid of the winter – you can enjoy it inside, under the blanket, with a lovely book and a warm cup of tea! Having the strongest and the longest winter, most of the Swedish are usually having the interior wintery-inspired. They have it all white at the inside, too! Swedish interior reminds you of an old fairy-tale, for most famous are the country homes.

Swedish winter saga 1

They use plain wood, for most of the pieces of furniture, white-painted, so it won’t be shiny and sharp.

Swedish winter saga 2

via Gardener and Marks   Swedish people are proud to be people of Poseidon, the god of the sea who protects sailors and fishermen, so a lot of their décor is sailing and fishing-inspired, especially in those areas that go out on the Baltic Sea. Navy blue, gray, or sea-green are the colors you can use to break the white.

Swedish winter saga 3

via baby&child I know what goes on your mind – Ikea can spare you time and money and automatically create for you a Swedish interior – but not necessarily! It is a worldwide brand and it sells mostly serial-produced furniture. If you want to create a unique style for your interior, you have to look around more. The shops would surely give you even more inspiration! But, if you don’t want to go to the cold Sweden just for shopping, there are Scandinavian web-sites where you can buy furniture and home accessories online! Sounds better – right?!

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