Amazing Designer Living Rooms

No two living rooms are alike. Even in homes with the same floor plan, the living room is always left with the indelible imprint of the family that lives there. It’s a place with books, televisions, and deep, cozy sofas. It’s a room where you can spend a quick minute in the morning, or a whole day. From the adventurously modern to the comfortably classic, these living rooms offer space to entertain and space to escape, all while bringing in surprising elements of personality.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 1

This living room calls to mind the decadence of the 1980′s. The designer takes full advantage of a large floor plan, adding massive sofas and armchairs, creative lighting elements, and even oversized sculpture.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 2

This space-conscious living room turns a narrow space into something welcoming with a carefully sized couch and built-in shelving for attractive display.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 3

The gray accent wall in this living room is used as a theme with gray sofas flanking a neutral coffee table. Different textures in the sofa, area rug, and hardwood floor add tactile interest.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 4

A living room is a place where family can spend time together, doing what they love. This living room is a reflection on that – if your family deeply loves facebook. The tongue-in-cheek design uses the facebook logo and its classic blue color to create a unique, playful living area.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 5

This modern loft living room uses light colors to reflect and call attention to the sunlight that is allowed to stream through the massive windows. Small pops of color add warmth without being too edgy.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 6

This living room uses natural elements including tulips and throw pillows in a vine design to make a comfortable, feminine retreat.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 7

This modern space, with its clean lines and recessed lighting, feels like a corporate apartment. A place to relax after a long day without any unnecessary frills.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 8

Open floor plans can make the living room even more central, as seen here. Easily move between a home office, the dining area, and kitchen, perhaps stopping to sit awhile or pour a glass of wine.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 9

The large sectional sofa in this living room would be easy to sink into from any angle. A low coffee table and tall floor lamp create interesting vertical levels.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 10

A television doesn’t always have to be the focus of a living room. Here, a modern fireplace acts as a focal point and conversation piece.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 11

Chandeliers are usually reserved for dining areas and foyers. The combination of this classical chandelier and hardwood floors makes this living area feel more like a converted ballroom, which adds another layer of decadence.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 12

This ultra modern living room plays on the theme of black and white, bringing it to bear in the furnishing and floor coverings. The exposed beam ceiling adds contrast in both color and style.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 13

Decorating for masculine tastes can be a challenge. By bringing in dark elements and more neutral artwork, this living room feels fit for a space king.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 14

This sunny living room could easily function as a bedroom in this small European apartment.

Amazing Designer Living Rooms 15

With a hat tip to pop culture icons, this room takes the idea of a living room and turns it into something fun and actually livable.

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