New eBay Workplace Prototype

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates recently collaborated with eBay’s Internal Workplace Resources Team to create a workplace prototype that lays emphasis on flexible work areas. The goal was to create spaces that could be reconfigured easily by teams to suit their needs. The design process began with a company-wide survey with more than 5,000 eBay employees sharing their opinions on their current work environments, and with a tour of other technology companies’ workplace design practices. The result is a collaborative, nurturing, and colorful work environment that is ergonomic, eco-friendly, and meant to foster employee and company well-being.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 1

New eBay Workplace Prototype 2

The new spaces also support alternative office strategies, with “visit” stations offering visitors from other campuses or companies to easily collaborate on-site, instead of at the exterior facility previously provided by eBay.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 3

Screens like these in this sitting area, were installed to provide privacy for those seated employees without obstructing views. They also provide whiteboards and printer stations.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 4

New eBay Workplace Prototype 5

These desks are bench-like and shared, but for those engaged in sensitive work such as human resources, more private semi-enclosed offices were designed, using white noise technology to maintain acoustic privacy.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 6

New eBay Workplace Prototype 7

Hotel stations, team project areas, alcove talk and think areas were created to encourage both private and shared thinking and brainstorming. The new workspaces are meant to enhance communication and collaboration.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 8

New eBay Workplace Prototype 9

New conference and meeting rooms no longer require reservations and are all equipped with LED screens, not projectors, which staffers can use easily without the help of techies.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 10

6×7 bench workstations are more affordable, and made with sustainable materials. The stations are lower in height, so as to use less artificial lighting, and more natural light coming in through windows.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 11

The new modular work stations are flexible and easily reconfigured, thanks to Knoll furniture and Valerio design.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 12

These mock-up rooms were created using seven different design companies to test program concepts.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 13

The new prototype has already been implemented in eBay’s San Jose and Austin campuses and feedback has been received in 3-month increments from employees since the installation.

New eBay Workplace Prototype 14

The new layout increases density per employee. Via ArchDaily

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